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The Green Deal 2
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To get involved with the Green Deal process, a qualified Green Deal Advisor (GDA) must visit your property to carry out and produce a Green Deal Advice Report that provides you with unique property recommendations and related advice on the Green Deal. The Green Deal Adviser must hold a recognised qualification and be a registered member of a certification body. Your Green Deal Adviser is bound by the Green Deal Code of Practice and the Specification for Organisations Providing Green Deal Advice Services and must conduct themselves in line with these specifications. Green Deal Assessment: What You Should Expect – Preliminaries. Prior to your Green Deal advice visit and not less than 24 hours in advance of the assessment, taking place you should receive a Request for Information Form. This form is designed as a pre-qualifying questionnaire and includes questions relating to the physical elements of your home, accessibility, ownership, usage, and energy bills. The completed questionnaire is intended to ensure that GDAs with the correct competencies are instructed to carry out your assessment and that any constraints or restrictions can be identified and potentially resolved before the property assessment takes place. During your Green Deal assessment, your advisor shall collect specific information from a physical inspection of your home and occupancy information; additionally you will be provided with plenty of information on the policy and opportunities. The GDA assigned to carry out your assessment by [ORGANISATION] shall ensure that you (or your appointed representative) is present at your property before entering, and shall present valid identification. The GDA shall confirm the physical scope of the assessment (e.g. whole/part of building) with you in terms of what level of access is required. For example, the GDA is required to inspect any roof voids and will therefore need access to your loft. In the event that the actual circumstances of the property and assessment required are not as envisaged, the GDA shall notify [ORGANISATION] immediately and agree how to proceed. The assessment shall not commence until a solution has been agreed upon by all parties. Before beginning the assessment, the GDA shall ensure that you are informed or reminded of the following points:- What the Green Deal assessment is for and how it can be used to obtain a quote for Green Deal finance. How long the visit is likely to take and, if it requires more than one GDA or more than one visit, who each GDA is and what they will be responsible for. What Organisation the GDA(s) who carry out the assessment are working for and whether they are operating independently or tied to any Green Deal Provider for the purposes of that assessment. Any charges associated with the assessment and on what basis they are being charged. Clarify that, in cases where you have requested any other service that fall outside of the Green Deal Assessment, that these services are not part of the Green Deal assessment, may not be impartial and are not subject to certification under the assessors’ certification scheme. Where appropriate, if an existing EPC has been identified and whether the EPC is valid and suitable or a new EPC will be produced. The scope of the assessment and the visual inspection/ access that is required, including information recorded for monitoring and compliance purposes (such as photographs and site notes). What information will be required from you (or your appointed representative) (e.g. information relating to the history of energy use to allow the occupancy assessment to be undertaken), what it will be used for and who will have access to the information recorded. What the outputs of the assessment will be e.g. provision of the Green Deal Advice Report and the expected timing of those outputs; and, Whether there are any potential subsidies available (subject to meeting any eligibility criteria), and how you can contact the Energy Saving Advice Service in England and Wales or the ESSAC network in Scotland to find out about subsidies and obtain any further relevant advice.
The Green Deal System
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